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Comms Requests

Comms Request / Email

We can send emails to members and supporters on the chapter email list.

However, if over-used this may lead to all emails being flagged by service providers, or un-subscriptions. We have regular emails, such as the Newsletter and reminders about General Body meetings that must be weighed against. For this reason, not all requests are approved.

Must be requested 72 hours in advance.

Before requesting a mass email, we strongly encourage you to consider the following:

  • Add your event/update to the Newsletter. The Newsletter is published biweekly to all subscribers. Submit as: Comms Request / Newsletter.
  • Fine tune your list. The smaller your target list of people you want to reach, the easier it will be to approve. We can focus on specific members and interests.
  • If you have questions, or would like assistance in fine tuning your request before submitting, please feel free to visit the #red-desk channel on the chapter slack.

Comms Request / Mass Text

This topic is for requesting access to Spoke (a mass texting tool), which is available to all working groups and caucuses pending approval. Spoke access is granted for a finite interval of time for a given texting campaign.

More information about our Mass Texting policies here.

Comms Request / Newsletter

Article Submissions:

When submitting a Google Document for review be sure to give us a link that allows Comment Access. We do not need Edit access. Alternatively, you can upload your article through the Details box.

After we receive your article we'll review it and offer suggested edits for you to confirm or reject.

You can read more about our style guidelines on the wiki.

Link Submissions:

Link submissions may be included in our In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) section of the newsletter. This can be anything you can link to:

Your link may be included in our In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) section of the newsletter:

  • News or opinion piece
  • Upcoming event
  • Video
  • Podcast
  • Photo gallery
  • Books, websites, or archives

Include 20-40 word blurb in Details box.

Featured Event Submissions:

We check the Google Calendar for events, but if you'd like to share an event for the newsletter you
can also do so here.

Comms Request / Website Edit

Request that we create, edit, or update a page for

Comms Request / Short link/URL Request 

If you need a short link using our domain then we can create one.

Data Request

Data Request / Fillable Form

If you need a form for people to fill out, use this help topic to request one. You can select from Google Form, EveryAction, Airtable and Other.

Data Request / Import to Everyaction

This is for submitting data that needs to be uploaded to EveryAction. For example, when activist and/or member data is collected at a live event, this should then be submitted to EveryAction.

Data Request / Member List

If you need a list of members to reach out to we can provide you with contact information. Please be aware of our data policy.


Event / Create New Event

Use this help topic when you want to schedule or promote an event. Once a Create New Event ticket is submitted, someone will create an EveryAction event page and the Zoom link (if the event is digital/hybrid). The event also appears on the Events Calendar unless otherwise specified

Event / Edit Existing Event

Update the details of an event if things have changed.


Funding Request

Requesting funding or reimbursements. Subject to Steering Committee approval for totals over $150, or may be reject if they object even below $150.


Registration / Become Red Desk Agent

Want to help make Red Desk work? We need volunteers who can help connect across the org to get people what they need and make sure tasks are fulfilled. The more help the easier it is.

NOTE: Use this form to change you Departments & Teams even if you're already an agent.

See the wiki page for Agents if you want to know how it works.

Registration / Chapter Email Address

For chapter-level formations (branches, caucuses, working groups, and sections) to request the creation of an official chapter-affiliated email address.



Support / General Inquiry

This topic can be used for any issues that don't seem to fall under the other ticket topics. Ask questions, request training, or whatever you may need. Someone will try to find you an answer.

Support / Red Desk Feedback

Think we should add a topic or change how we describe getting help with one? Let us know what we can be doing better!

Tech Help

Tech Help / Platform Access

This is for granting log-in permissions, administrative rights, or other credentials across the various chapter platforms (including EveryAction, WordPress, Red Desk, Twitter, etc.) to a member.

Tech Help / Platform-specific Issue

This topic is for chapter groups or members requesting technical solutions for challenges they're having.

Special thanks to Metro DC DSA's FAQ for inspiring this FAQ.

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