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Intro to Red Desk
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Need to schedule an event? Get tech help? Submit an article for the newsletter?

Red Desk is the support ticket system for making requests to use chapter resources. It doubles as a task management system that helps us keep track of what work needs to be done.

As a user you simply just need to file a ticket with your request. Red Desk Agents take care of your requests.

You can keep track of the whole process and follow up with support using your ticket.

Filing a Ticket

Make a request through Red Desk here.

A ticket is your request for help. You select a Help Topic which will open up a form with any questions related your specific issue. They are grouped by the type of request which will be sent to the relevant committee.

Filling the form

Email Address: Use the email address you have associated with your TCDSA Membership if possible, especially when making requests that need any sort of approval or verification.

Preferred Method of Contact: If you want to communicate via Email or Red Desk (which uses email), then leave the default option. Otherwise you can request that we contact you via Slack if needed, but you must include your slack handle to do so.

Help Topic: For a full list of Help Topics see the Red Desk FAQ. This dropdown will select the form you fill out.


Following Up on Your Request

Once you've submitted your ticket you will receive an email confirmation with the number. You can use it to check the status of your request (any comments or updates from support). If you want to contact the Red Desk team you can do so here, or respond directly to the email for your ticket confirmation.

If you register for an account you can also access your tickets without the ticket number. It will autofill your contact info as well for future tickets.


Behind the Scenes

Red Desk has ways to organize work that are relevant to the specific committees responsible for carrying out your request. Comms Requests will go to our Communications Committee, Data Requests will go to our Membership Data team, Tech Help issues will be direct to Tech Ops. Each Help Topic has more explanation in the FAQ.

Since we are a volunteer organization you should expect that things will take time. By default a ticket is considered overdue after 24 hours, so please wait a day if possible before contacting support. Some topics such as Newsletter submission, Mass Email & Mass Texts have even longer windows of 72 hours by default.

That said, nobody is getting paid to do this. When talking with support please remember that most people have jobs and other commitments. Follow up and reminders are encouraged, but overdue tickets are set as reminders moreso than hard deadlines.

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